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About DFW Kidney Care Clinic 

Welcome to DFW Kidney Care Clinic. At DFWKCC patient comes first. We strive to provide the best care to our patients thru comprehensive workup and guidance in their diseases and management. Our goal is to provide timely and compassionate care to our patients. A place where patients can truly trust their providers. At DFW KCC we provide initial consultations, second opinion and complete guidance from initial work up, diagnosis thru complete management of kidney disorders (e.g. Chronic Kidney diseases), electrolytes management (e.g. hyponatremia), Blood pressure management (primary and secondary hypertension management), dialysis (hemo and peritoneal home dialysis) and post transplantation care. 

Better health and lifestyle for kidney patients is our only goal.

  • Have you been told to start Dialysis? Talk to us to see how we can delay progression of kidney diseases and delay starting dialysis

  • Have difficult to maintain blood pressure? Lets figure out what other factors are contributing to your blood pressure and optimize your BP medicines. 

  • Had  a kidney transplant? We provide care to patients post transplant to monitor the medicines and kidney function and side effects, working closely with your transplant team

  • Thinking about home dialysis? We provide the best in class home dialysis, from education, to catheter placement to starting home dialysis. 

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